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I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.


Our menu is Inspired by our love of street and contemporary food cultures from around the world. From sun kissed Mediterranean classics to the far-flung street market flavours of Asia, we have developed amazing dishes using quality local ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible.  

Please contact us for our full menu with costings. All dietary requirements catered for including vegetarian & vegan options. 



Crispy pork crackling sticks 

Thai chicken and basil croquettes 

Pork belly cubes, bourbon bbq glaze and crackling crumb 

Mini fillet of beef yorkies with a horseradish mayo 

Veggie pakora bites V VG 

Mini avocado tostadas V VG 

Chicken yakatori skewers 

Saute wild mushrooms on charred brioche V 

Mini thai fish fritters 

Sticky honey and soy sausages 

Wild mushroom and black truffle arancini balls 

Global Sharing Planks


Spanish iberico chorizo, Italian prosciutto di Parma and Coppa pork salume. Italian rosemary focaccia and Greek pitta bread with mozzarella pearls in a basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic dip and silky greek hummus. Greek feta, olives and

sun blushed tomatoes in rosemary infused oil.

British Isles

Hand cut, honey glazed British ham, traditional hand-made pork pies with a selection of smooth and wholegrain mustards. Aged west country mature cheddar and cornish yarg with sea

salted crackers. Handmade chicken liver pate and toasted sourdough bread. Caramelised onion chutney and mini pickled onions. Garnished with sweet cherry tomatoes and wild rocket.

Indian Fusion

Tandoori style chicken kebabs and lamb samosas. Onion bhaji and veggie pakora. Wood fired, plain and garlic/coriander naan breads. Bombay potatoes and spiced cashew nuts. Cucumber and mint raita, mango chutney, tomato onion and

chilli relish with mini poppadoms.

Big Pans

Big Pan Mains

Goan coconut chicken curry infused with garlic, ginger, kashmiri chilli and turmeric. Served with cardamom infused basmati rice, naan bread, poppadoms, tomato coriander and onion relish, pomegranate raita & mango chutney. 


Chicken & chorizo paella, Marinated chicken, Spanish paella rice, chorizo, peppers, green beans and saffron. Finished with parsley, lemon wedges and sweet red peppers.  


Jamacian jerk chicken full of Caribbean spice, warmth and flavour. Juicy chicken cooked with coconut milk, garnished with fresh mango, chilli, coriander and lime. Served with traditional rice and peas. 


Italian beef cheek and smoked pancetta ragu. Slow cooked melt in the mouth beef cheeks and smoked pancetta cooked with Italian plum tomatoes, garlic and herbs.


Sicilian meatballs, Chilli spiked beef and pork meatballs slow cooked in a garlicky basil and san marzano tomato sauce. Topped with extra virgin olive oil, basill and fresh parmigiano reggiano,  

Homemade Pesto

Vegetarian / Vegan Big Pans

Mediterranean veggie paella, tender roasted Mediterranean veg including courgette, aubergine, tomato and onion, braised with traditional Spanish paella rice, garlic and saffron. Finished with lemons, sun blushed tomatoes and Spanish olives.  


Thai satay sweet potato curry. Sweet potato and fresh spinach infused with Thai red curry paste, coconut milk and peanut butter. Basmati rice and thai salsa. V VG 

Wild mushroom stroganoff. Sauté wild mushrooms, crunchy cornichons and fragrant capers cooked in a whisky based cream sauce. Garnished with fresh herbs and fluffy rice. V 


Cauliflower and chickpea curry. A beautiful light and fresh curry of cauliflower florets plum tomatoes and chickpeas, infused with garlic, ginger and chilli. Served with cardamom infused basmati rice. V VG 

Fresh Organic Vegetables
Beef Brisket

Roasted and Smoked Meats

Maple smoked Texas- style beef brisket rubbed with our own spice mix.

Slow roasted crispy Italian porchetta. Rolled pork belly and loin filled with wild Italian herbs, garlic

and a mild Calabrian chilli pepper. A lip smacking Italian classic.

Classic maple smoked and slow roasted pork shoulder, crispy crackling. Melt in the mouth stuff.

Aromatic spiced Asian style slow roasted pork shoulder. A great twist on a classic roast.

Oak Smoked and slow roasted Moroccan Mechoui lamb shoulder.

Turkish Grill

Lebanese chicken shawarma. Layers of chicken marinated in levantine spices. Skewered, grilled over charcoal and then thinly sliced.


Persian meshwi lamb. Charcoal grilled minced lamb shoulder with parsley, onion, sumac and alepo chilli pressed on a wide skewer.


Mezze. Our own freshly made hummus topped with extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts and smoked paprika. Smoky aubergine and tahini dip, olive mix, grilled halloumi with mint and lemon.   

Falafel. Deep fried ground chickpeas mixed with spring onion, allepo chilli and levantine spices.


Tabbouleh salad.  Fresh tomatoes, parsley, mint, spring onion and bulger wheat seasoned with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil 


Levantine bread basket

Charcoal Grill
Homemade Bread


Big pan cajun spiced potato wedges.

Big pan sauté new potatoes with garlic, rosemary, thyme and parsley.

Butter minted new potatoes.

Spring greens, butter glazed savoy

cabbage, broccoli and green beans.

Asian greens. Pak choi and tender stem

broccoli with garlic, chilli and soy sauce.

Roasted butternut squash and sweet

potato chunks in a texas style rub.

Handmade chunky coleslaw.

Preserved lemon and herb couscous.

Bread basket, a selection of freshly baked breads.


Italian tomato and mozzarella salad garnished with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil.

Greek salad, fresh mixed peppers, red onion, tomato, cucumber and greek olives with mint, dill, extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese.

Balsamic roasted beetroot, red onion and rocket salad with feta cheese.

Mediterranean salad. Baby leaf and wild rocket with olives, sun blushed tomatoes, corgette ribbons and sweet roasted onion and red pepper.

Tomato and chorizo salad. Sweet vine tomatoes and chargrilled spanish chorizo dressed with spring onion, sherry vinegar and fresh parsley.

Rice salad, fluffy basmati rice spiked with chilli, lime, spring onion and coriander.

Epic Toastie

Evening/Party Food

Smoked beef brisket burgers. Smoked beef brisket slices, cheese, chipotle mayo, pickled pink onion, beef tomato and lettuce in a charred brioche bun. 


Slow roasted Italian porchetta rolls. Rolled pork belly and loin with wild herbs, garlic and mild chilli pepper, truffle mayo, wild rocket and san marzano tomato slices in a ciabatta roll. 


Lebanese chicken shawarma wrap. Layers of free range chicken marinated in Levantine spices. Khobez flatbread, salad and a selection of sauces. 

Epic toasties:

The British, mustard glazed ham, mature cheddar and red Leicester, caramalised onion and tomato. 

The American, pastrami, Monterey jack cheese, bell peppers, sweet mustard, pickled pink onion. 


Moroccan pulled lamb flatbreads. Lamb shoulder marinated in Moroccan spices, slow roasted and pulled. Served on a warm flatbread with harissa yoghurt, mint and pomegranate. 

Mexican tacos, soft, cooked flatbreads filled with layers of your chosen filing. Chorizo and sauté potato in a smoky chipotle and tomato sauce. Topped with roasted garlic and thyme. Served with salted tortilla chips, fresh tomato salsa and proper guacamole. 


Pudding Pots

Eton mess

Layers of meringue, berry coulis, whipped cream and berries 

Chocolate brownie

Bite size brownies drizzled with chocolate sauce and served with clotted cream. 

Lemon & raspberry posset

Individual citrus set puddings garnished with fresh raspberries and a shortbread finger. 

Chocolate truffle pots  

Velvety smooth chocolate mousse topped with a truffle and a wafer curl. 

Pudding Pots
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